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Friday, May 6, 2011

Joe Sinagra
I, Joe Sinagra, believe that government, locally or nationally, has lost touch with its core ultimate responsibility: To faithfully represent the positions and principles of those within its jurisdiction. Furthermore, I believe there is a fundamental need for our local government to return its function, and associated ability to exercise authority, back towards providing for the “average” citizen. In recognizing this need for transformation, I have become motivated to take action.

Therefore, I am campaigning to become your representative in the New Jersey State Assembly. The people of the 18th District deserve an assemblyman who stands for their views and ideals, not just those of a particular political party. We deserve someone whose decisions and actions, in the district, match what they say. As your elected representative I will firmly adhere to these principals. Moreover, I pledge to make sure that our local government proceeds only with projects that are truly beneficial for all. In doing this, I also pledge, to increase accountability and fiscal responsibility. These tough times necessitate the beginning of a “responsible government” which truly acts, without precondition, “for the people”.

Many politicians once elected are more concerned about holding office, and while successful at winning elections, they have failed New Jersey.

Jobs, taxes and the economy are the bigger issues facing New Jersey citizens. The loss of jobs; with employers lacking confidence in the economic climate have contributed to 9.2 %  unemployment; the loss of homes with 64,808  foreclosure filings, and a sagging economy are issues facing New Jersey families that cannot be ignored.

I stand for the reduction of New Jersey's soaring property taxes, and rising health care costs. I will be a relentlessly persistive advocate for the correction of issues which detrimentally affect us; the naming a state dirt, and lotteries attempting to get people to vote - which have made a mockery of our legislative system. When, in reality, there are so many real concerns that have had an impact on all of us. Issues, such as the consequences of illegal immigration on our economy, and the provision of eminent domain, must be addressed. Furthermore, we must require that school contingency plans be made public in the event of a crisis. We must protect our neighborhoods by ensuring that local chemical plants have a minimal impact on both our schools and our children. We must require that plants create plans of action that can help circumvent potentially catastrophic events. Homeland Security must also be addressed. It is imperative that people, either citizen or not, be held accountable for their actions/inactions. I look forward to participating with our legislature in finding solutions that would strengthen our economy, provide a stable tax revenue (with the burden fairly distributed), and ensure indivdual access to affordable healthcare, not mandated.  Also, I pledge to work towards providing affordable housing for our seniors and our young families.

Additionally, I am a former small business owner. Through the creation of several small businesses, I have developed a comprehensive understanding of what is best for small business in New Jersey. I am also experienced with aspects regarding the impact of small business, both economic and societal, on the surrounding community. Thus, I will draw from past experience to form an actionable outlook on many of the critical issues facing our state including; education, health care, crime and economic development. I will shift governmental intentions in favor of local business while requiring that government act both quickly and efficiently. Throwing your hard earned tax dollars at a problem is never the best option; therefore, I will work to generate results through cost-effective measures. For example, in 2006, as a candidate for US Congress, I was able to capture over 35% of the vote with campaign spending of less than $5000. Running as a State Assembly Candidate in 2007 I missed winning the position by under 6% on a campaign of less than $4000. In 2009, due to a large aggressive grassroots effort I came close to winning the Assembly seat by less than 3% margin.  This is the same dedication and fiscal responsibility I will bring to the Assembly in 2012.

As a father, a husband, and responsible family-man, with the foresight to know what is best for the average family, you have a partner in me. I will bring these values, a little common sense, and the interests of every hard working citizen, like you, to the New Jersey State Assembly.

I take the job of representing you, and your family, very seriously. I appreciate that you have taken the time to read about my opinions and efforts. I hope to get a chance to meet many of you as I knock on your doors, like I have in the past, to discuss my commitments and motivations. I look forward to answering your questions and hope that you will allow me to provide further insight into why I know I am the best candidate for this position. I am confident that, if provided the opportunity, I will have a positive impact for the people of our 18th District. I am honored to be able to run for this office and act on behalf of my friends, neighbors and fellow residents.

Truly, it is you, the average citizen, to whom I am making this commitment and would be honored to have your support.